No ordinary jelly beans

They are smaller, softer and brighter, with “true to life” mouthwatering flavours in both the centre and the shell. We use natural ingredients for flavouring wherever possible - like real fruit and fruit juices.

View and Create Recipes

Try out our classic recipes to make all your favourite deserts and have a go at making your own!

Feature Flavours

10 of our and your favourite Jelly Belly flavours. Learn more about the personality of each one, and those who eat them!

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50 Official

The Originals

50 Official

All your favourite flavours from Buttered Popcorn to Wild Blackberry. Don't forget to check out the 10 featured flavours!


Groups of flavours

Flavour Mixes

To make life just a little bit easier, we’ve created various mixes of jelly beans

Bean Boozled

Do you dare to compare!?


These Jelly Beans may look alike but they couldn't taste more different. Can you tell them apart?

No Added Sugar

Healthier alternatives

No Added Sugar

Our No Added Sugar jelly beans come in 10 flavours.


All natural ingredients


Made with entirely natural ingredients. Nothing artificial.


Energizing Jelly Beans

Sport Beans®

Power when you need it most.


New flavours


Up-and-coming flavours.

Belly Flops

Irregular jelly beans

Belly Flops

Irregular jelly beans in weird shapes, sizes and colors, with the same great taste.